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Amore Victoria was a dream of Alex and Jenna Victoria for many years.  Executive Chef Alex began his restaurant career at a young age, surrounded by Italian food, having spent years with his older brothers cooking and crafting in Italian kitchens from the West Coast to the Midwest.  Soon they were opening their own restaurants, with simple, fresh ingredients being the central concept.  After earning a culinary degree and B.S. in Restaurant Management, and taking in all he had learned from his brothers, he starting thinking about starting a restaurant of his own.  Having lived in the Uptown area of Minneapolis for over 15 years, Alex and Jenna truly embraced the neighborhood and set their sights on the cute little Mediterranean style building on the corner of Lake Street and Irving Ave.

Doing most of the transformation themselves, Alex built the bar, the wine cellar, the walls, the kitchen, and the rustic recycled wood floors, while Jenna took on the decor and design.  What remained was a charming corner bistro, reminiscent of the cafes found all over Europe.

Just as the ambiance is hand-crafted, so is the food.  Hand made pastas, stocks, sauces, bread, and desserts.  The concept is deeply rooted in authentic Italian cooking:  fresh, simple,quality ingredients.

Like his menu, Alex’s vision is expansive. He wants everyone who steps onto the rustic red tile of Amore Victoria to have an unforgettable experience. He knows that hospitality is more than delicious food and must include friendly service, a comfortable setting, and a phenomenal wine and cocktail program.

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